Monday, March 21, 2011

Dog Park Revisited

I took Hiro to the Shiba Meetup @ Shirlington Dog Park today. The first time Hiro went to the Dog Park wasn't a great experience for him. But this time it was definitely a LOT better. The meet up started at 2 pm. I got there around 1:30. There were only 1 other dog in the small dogs section but soon more and more dogs trickled in.

I think Hiro enjoyed himself. Somehow he found a small hole in the dirt and decided that he wanted to dig it to make it bigger and lie in there. Shibas are known to be diggers! After 2 hours of hanging out, he got tired and would just lay there and watch the other dogs play. It was fun chatting it up with other Shiba owners. I only wish Shirlington was closer from Germantown!

Here is a video of Hiro fighting with a 12 week old mini aussie for the HOLE.

Pics of Hiro from the dog park:


  1. Cute! Glad it went better this time!

  2. Great to see Hiro out, he was doing awesome with the other dogs!