Monday, February 21, 2011

Dog Park

This past Saturday I decided to take Hiro to the dog park since he got all his shots. I took him to the one in Germantown. Let's just say it was a very traumatizing experience for him. He was the smallest dog there. After I put him down, all the other dogs wanted to come over and say "HI" and they started chasing after him. This totally freaked him out. Did I mention that there was a pitbull there as well? The bf immediately picked him up. The pitbull jumped on him and knocked him over (he's okay). So we just ended up holding him the rest of the time while we were there. After that incident, I was afraid Hiro would be scared of all dogs......
I would definitely take him to another dog park were they segregate the big dogs from the small dogs or until he gets bigger! O_o

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  1. blah, ninja just got all his shots today, but i'm scared to take him to the dog park... so i'm waiting for my boyfriend to come with us. i'd panic if any dog jumps on ninja! my best friend's shih tzu is VERY antisocial. my best friend said it's because of the dog park... o_O i doubt ninja would be that traumatized but i'm still paranoid.