Wednesday, February 23, 2011

**Updated** Frosty Paws

I stopped giving Hiro Frosty Paws cause it gave him the run... =\

My coworker told me about Frosty Paws. Ice cream for dogs. I stopped by the supermarket last night and picked up a box. Not all supermarket carries them. You will have to check out the website to find which stores sells them. ( They come in a package of 4 for $3.99 and they're served in a small paper cup. (like one ones they put italian ice in and you gotta eat it with a wooden spoon)

Let me just say....Hiro LOVED it! I didn't want to give him the whole thing cause it did seem like a lot for a pup, so I let him eat a third of it. And save the rest for later. I will post a video of him eating it later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What A Relief!

Usually on weekends, I take Hiro to the Seneca Creek Park near my house. There's a 3.7 mile trail around the lake. Good exercise for Hiro. Good exercise for me. It's a win win win situation. =) I hope that we see some dogs so I can see if Hiro is scared of them after yesterday's traumatizing experience. We didn't see any dogs during the first half of the trail. I wondering, "Where are the dogs?!" We usually see at least 3-4 dogs on the trail. Finally alas! During our last stretch of the trail, we run into 2 huge golden labs and mixed dog. Hiro was so happy to see them! He actually wanted to play with them! I was such a happy mom. Phew!!!

Dog Park

This past Saturday I decided to take Hiro to the dog park since he got all his shots. I took him to the one in Germantown. Let's just say it was a very traumatizing experience for him. He was the smallest dog there. After I put him down, all the other dogs wanted to come over and say "HI" and they started chasing after him. This totally freaked him out. Did I mention that there was a pitbull there as well? The bf immediately picked him up. The pitbull jumped on him and knocked him over (he's okay). So we just ended up holding him the rest of the time while we were there. After that incident, I was afraid Hiro would be scared of all dogs......
I would definitely take him to another dog park were they segregate the big dogs from the small dogs or until he gets bigger! O_o

Friday, February 11, 2011

Watch Dog?

My parents have been watching Hiro during the while I'm at work. One day my dad told me that Hiro was looking out of the porch door and he started barking at someone that was walking along the sidewalk. My dad said that was good he barked. Will he make a good guard dog? O_o I guess I'll keep him just for that. ;)

Here's a pic of Hiro that I took yesterday while he was napping. =)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Will the Tooth Fairy Visit?

Last night while playing with one of his toys, Hiro lost one of his puppy teeth! To be specific, one of his incisors. I noticed that one of his toy has a red stain on it. I looked at his toy and saw his puppy tooth was stuck on it. It's so cute! It's smaller than a grain of rice. I tried to take a picture of it with my phone but the image was fuzzy. I'll see how many of his baby teeth I can collect. =P

Here's a pic of his new toy. I had to put the spider one to rest since the legs were all chewed apart. Only $3.99 @ Target. =)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet Potato

For the past few days I'v been adding a spoonful of mashed sweet potato to Hiro's kibble. I've noticed that he poops A LOT more. Instead of the average 3-4 times a day, he poops 5-6 times. I thought sweet potato is suppose to be good for them. O_o