Wednesday, February 23, 2011

**Updated** Frosty Paws

I stopped giving Hiro Frosty Paws cause it gave him the run... =\

My coworker told me about Frosty Paws. Ice cream for dogs. I stopped by the supermarket last night and picked up a box. Not all supermarket carries them. You will have to check out the website to find which stores sells them. ( They come in a package of 4 for $3.99 and they're served in a small paper cup. (like one ones they put italian ice in and you gotta eat it with a wooden spoon)

Let me just say....Hiro LOVED it! I didn't want to give him the whole thing cause it did seem like a lot for a pup, so I let him eat a third of it. And save the rest for later. I will post a video of him eating it later.

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