Friday, November 19, 2010

Patiently Waiting

I think I got everything I need.  And still time to spare! I just gotta get the crate from my friend, buy some all-natural toys and get some food and I'm set!

I am patiently waiting for Hiro's arrival. A little bit over 3.5 weeks and I will be a mommy. As weird as it may sound, I guess there is some truth to it! =P  I've emailed the breeder asking her to send me more pictures, but I have not heard back. I haven't heard from her in 3 weeks. Ever since she sent me the first set of pictures. My cousin did warn me that she is not the best at getting back to you but assures me that I will get my puppy.  I just want to see how big he's gotten and how cute he is. ><" 

Have you had bad experiences with breeders?