Saturday, November 13, 2010

One of everything please?

Last week I placed an order with PETCO. I wanted to get the basics before Hiro comes. I have to say that if I had to choose between Petco or Petsmart, I would choose Petco. They have a better selection and also they have free shipping on minimum purchases. Only thing I don't like is they have restrictions on their free shipping. (i.e. no dog food.  @_@). 

When I told my friends that I ordered a bunch of stuff online, they said "Why don't you buy it when the dogs comes?" But I want to be prepared. I wanted to get one of everything online, but I controlled myself.

So here is my list for the first shipment. (yes, I placed another order 3 days ago.  ><")

*Earth Friendly Products Pre-Moistened Pet Wipes
*PETCO Comfort Blue Leash for Dogs
*PETCO Comfort Adjustable Blue Collar for Dogs
*Puppy KONG Dog Toy
*KONG Small ZIGGIES Puppy Treats
*Finishing Touch Oatmeal Puppy Shampoo
*PediPaws Nail Trimmer
*BioBag USA 100% Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags 

I went to PETCO today because I had to make an exchange. They gave me a pink colored KONG Dog Toy. I exchanged it for a blue one. Sorry, but Hiro is a male. =P   I ordered the wrong size ZIGGIES Puppy Treat. O_o I think I could stay there for hours! ^_^

2nd Shipment:

*PETCO Stainless Steel Diner
*KissAble Doggie Tartar Control Toothpaste
*KONG Zoom Groom Brush
*PETCO Comfort Control Blue Dog Harness
*Sniffers All Natural Lifestages Semi Moist Puppy Treats 

What else am I missing? The only thing I need to buy is Natural Balance Dog Food. I am buying a new crate from my friend. I think I'm all set!!


  1. dog bed for outside the crate
    puppy pee pads (first month or so it can't hold it's bladder for more than 2 hours cuz it's so lil)
    dog food
    water and dog food bowls

    btw it's Anita

  2. I personally choose petsmart over petco. The ones by our house are small and have less of a selection compared to Petsmart.

  3. Hi Sandy, take a look at this post I wrote a long time ago when we were preparing for MoMo's arrival:

    I would recommend getting a dog ID tag and lots of toys and treats! You may also want to consider purchasing a stain/odor remover (even though Shibas house break fairly quickly, we still had some accidents).

  4. Hi JB!
    Thanks for the tip! I do have an ID tag for Hiro. That was the first thing I ordered. See "Dog Tag" Post =) For now I'm going to keep Hiro on the 2nd floor, where there's only hardwood floor. ^^