Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fast Learner

Hiro is such a fast learner! I wonder if all Shibas learn that fast.  At 9 weeks he was able to climb up the stairs on his own. (still unable to go downstairs). While I was walking him today he decided that he wanted to climb up 1 flight of stairs to his neighbor's. But when he got up, he couldn't come back down. O_o  He knows how to "sit". Today I tried to teach him "down" but that didn't work out too well. We made huge progress for potty training. When Hiro needs to go out, I say "go potty" and he always goes before he wants to run around and play. Such a good boy!  =)

Here's another video. Enjoy!


  1. go potty outside or inside?

  2. puppy class taught us to say "down" at the same time put your palm to the floor then praise and give treat.

  3. haha, i HAD a reason for asking that... now i can't remember. was he potty trained at his breeder? i'm so glad it seems like it's easy to potty train a shiba.