Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December 16th is the day!

Hiro's flight is booked!!! Thursday at 9:03 PM !!!  =D

I have requested the breeder to ship Hiro on the 16th. Just 9 more days! I feel like I am forgetting something. I just ordered a bed for his crate and puppy food (Amazon free shipping is awesome). I picked up the crate from my friend on Sunday. (Thanks Anita!)

I just checked the weather for next week. It's suppose to snow Tuesday and Wednesday. Hopefully just light flurries. Weather permitting, I will be a mommy in 9 days!  =)


  1. are you going to snuggle with him? He will probably be crying cuz he doesn't know whats going on :) I couldn't resist and put Lucy on my bed. hehehe Congrats Mama Hiro

  2. No, I will not be sleeping with him. But he will still be loved! =)

  3. I am pretty excited about meeting Hiro too! Are you serious about the puppy shower?

  4. PupChow: depends...will Hiro be expecting a box of greenies? ;)