Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Au Revoir Hiro

This Sunday I am leaving for Paris. Therefore I will be leaving Hiro here. It will only be a week. Hopefully he won't notice that I'm gone. I'm going to miss him so much! I remember a few months ago I had to leave him for 3 days. I teared up before I said goodbye.

Hiro will be in good hands. My parents are watching him for me. Good thing he still gets to stay in his comfy home.


  1. Hiro! Taro informed me on twitter that you were born at Kayobi Shibas and we may be brothers. My parents were Monti and Cora. Humom thinks we look alike lol...check out my twitter page for lots of pics.

    1. Do you have recent pics of him on the twitter page? I think I only saw puppy pics.

    2. Most of those are recent...he was born on Dec 8th 2011 so is still a puppy. I wasn't sure if Hiro had the same parents or not, but I looked at Hiro's puppy pics and Toro looks like Hiro did as a puppy! I met Shiba Rinji and Shiba's Karma and Crunch on twitter who are also from Kayobi and have the same dad.

  2. ohhhhh~~~ i thought they're from the same litter. Hiro was born Oct 17, 2010. They do have the same parents! =)