Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Natural Remedy

I went to Whole Pet Central yesterday to get Hiro a new harness. They sold EzyDog Products. I was surprised they were cheaper than what was being sold online. I'll have to post a pic of him in his new harness. He looks quite handsome. =)

As I was checking out, I asked the lady behind the counter if they had anything for seasonal allergies in dogs. She suggested getting the Allergy Aid by Aunt Jeni's and also a small carton of Goat's milk. The Goat's milk is suppose to boost the immune system and Allergy Aid tablets is suppose to help with scratching and ear/eye gunk. My main concern is the eye goop. Every morning Hiro has eye goop in both of his eyes. Instead of taking him to the vet where they're going to give him shots or steroids, I decided to go with the natural approach first and see how it goes. *crosses fingers*


  1. Did you stick with the blue color scheme for Hiro? ;-)

    Would be interested in hearing how the natural remedy worked out and goat milk?!

  2. our shiba has seasonal allergies. last season, she scratched out all the hair on her eyelids and rawed out her nose. sigh. we were more prepares this season by keeping a cone on her and giving her allergy meds (Loratadine - generic claritin) let me know how this stuff works. hope allergy season ends soon

  3. Do you need to give her meds everyday? That's what I would like to avoid. ><" So far, it's been day 3, and I noticed that he's sneezing less and a lil less eye goops. I will reassess after a week. =)

  4. Hey!

    Vicki and I go to whole pet too! She told me you got an Ezydog harness but it was slightly different from ours...she didnt elaborate.

    Hope Hiro gets better. See you Saturday.

  5. How has the natural Allergy Aid worked?

    Also interested in the harness as well. Zoey likes to pull a lot on her leash so I'm trying to look for a good harness that's comfortable.

  6. Zoezoe: really well! It took about 2-3 weeks to see changes. Hiro doesn't have eye gunk anymore!